Durable Dividend Growth Strategies

Investment Strategies

The Power of Growing Durable Dividend Streams

Our equity strategies are designed to provide attractive long-term returns. The central theme across our investments is the identification of and investment in the financially fittest and most sustainable companies distributing increasing cash back to shareholders.

We focus on stocks with a history of paying – and growing – dividends. Dividends are attractive from an income standpoint, but they are also an indicator of high-quality businesses. The goal is to provide an investment that offers durability and produces above-average dividend yield and above-average dividend growth. We believe the reinvestment and compounding of sustainable dividend streams will lead to outperformance over a full market cycle.

DDG Flagship

  • The firm’s flagship equity strategy is built on high-quality companies with expanding dividend yields.
  • Seeks to own one hundred (100) equally weighted companies.
  • Globally diversified, low turnover portfolio targeting high tax efficiency.
  • Portfolio companies must adhere to a strategic, dividend distribution and dividend growth model.